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Rolled Out Bakery
Wholesale Opportunities

Here you will find the amazing rolls your customers will consistently come back for, tried and tested flavor combinations that are sure to please every palate.

To resell our products at your business please click the "Register" button below. Once your information is received you will be sent an order form to set up your first order. If you have any questions or special needs for your business please contact us at


Our products come frozen, bagged, and boxed by the dozen.

**Total minimum order: 4 dozen, minimum per flavor is 1 dozen

Jumbo - $42.00 per dozen

Regular - $29.40 per dozen 

We do offer grab and go individually boxed and ready for retail product. Please email for pricing and delivery options. 

Price includes delivery if your business is located inside the Loop 202. If you are located outside the loop let us know and we will send you delivery pricing.

All sales will be billed due upon receipt once delivered. 

Our Current Wholesale Products


A J Whetten

Rolled Out Bakery goods are a delight. They are consistently delicious, and make wonderful treats, desserts, meals, and gifts! via google review

Natalie W

Best gluten free cinnamon rolls in the entire valley! Hands down (sorry Jewel’s Bakery, I still love you).....

Jaclyn B

Most amazing cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had!!!

via google review

Mr Brown

I decided to try this place out because they have a sign out front that claims they have the best cinnamon roll outside of Alaska. Well I will say that they definitely know what they're doing. What I absolutely enjoyed about them is that that you know how cinnamon rolls outside ring is kinda hard, well with theirs, the whole cinnamon roll is nice and soft which makes it really enjoyable to eat because you're able to truly enjoy the whole thing, not just only enjoying the center (like with Cinnabon).

via google review @beanchaincoffee

Garrett L

............."My big mistake was getting one of their raspberry rolls! I’m afraid I’m going to go back tomorrow to give them all my money for an unlimited supply of their cinnamon rolls! Great people, great service & great product. Highly recommend!"

via google review @beanchaincoffee

Jessica G

The rolls by Rolled Out Bakery are UNREAL. I won't even touch a store-bought cinnamon roll anymore.

via google review @beanchaincoffee

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