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I think it's appropriate to start my bakery blog the week that we are officially introducing our bakery and brand to the Mesa community. This weekend, Saturday, March 23rd, we are having our bakery GRAND OPENING at Beanchain Coffee. The owners of Beanchain, David and Shannon Baxter, have been so gracious and generous as we've partnered with them during our startup phase. We bake our goodies in the Beanchain kitchen and they sell our rolls to the good people who come there for a good cup of coffee.

I wasn't always the magical baker I am today. My first batch of bread in the olden days ended up in the freezer because no one would eat it and I was too sad to throw it away. When I got to the point where I had the confidence to sell, I was popping out babies left and right. I will never understand how I survived that time, let alone how I managed a home baking business.

This Saturday we will celebrate how far we've come and the excitement of what's coming. All the rolls will be 50% off for the day. I hope you come by. I'd love to meet you! we could even get a photo together so you can look back on that day when I was still a little baker. (I'm not actually a small person. I don't want you to be too shocked.)

God is good.

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